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95 Percent Group Research Portfolio

95 Percent Group, LLC

LXD Research was hired to conduct research on 95 Percent Group Products in Spring 2021. This page presents efficacy and validity reports on their products.

95 Phonics Booster Bundle: Summer School Edition & Tune-Up

Three studies have been conducted on 95 Percent Group’s 25-lesson programs that can be used over the summer or as part of a short cycle at the start of the school year to review the previous grade’s material. Outcomes for grades 1-3 have been positive and statistically significant, showing that the students who used the program outperformed students who had a similar level of reading ability and did not use the program.

Tune Up one page summary

95 Phonics Core Program

Two reports on 95 Percent Group’s supplemental 95 Phonics Core Program are available. One study focuses on kindergartners at a small school in Nebraska that added many new products to their toolkit after learning more about the Science of Reading. Their youngest learners made one year of progress in just four months. A year-long study of the 95 Phonics Core Program is in progress in Missouri with schools that were randomly assigned to either use the 95PCP or to continue using their other typical tools. Students that used the 95PCP outperformed students in all grades K-2 that did not use the program. Download the executive summary below.

Two-Year Multi-Product Study

A two-year evaluation of a multi-product implementation of 95 Percent Group Products was conducted in a diverse county in Maryland. Two similar schools were paired and compared over the 2020-2021 (remote) school year and the 2021-2022 (in-person) school year. The impact (effect size) of combining the 95 Phonics Core Program, Phonics Chip Kits, PA Lessons, and Phonics Lesson Library was double over a two-year span (0.64 vs. 0.31). Similar outcomes were found for analysis focused on the Black/African American subgroup and the Economically Disadvantaged subgroup.

Intervention Products

Two year-long research projects for 95 Percent Intervention products are underway in California. Schools and grades in the districts were paired based on a variety of school-based characteristics to find similar groups of students who would either use 95 Percent Group products or teach early literacy as usual. After just a few months, the California schools saw meaningful improvements in student reading scores in both grades.

Kindergarten: Phonological Awareness (PA) Lessons Deluxe Package, Phonological Awareness Screener for InterventionTM (PASI)

First Grade: Phonics Lesson LibraryTM (PLL), Phonics Screener for InterventionTM (PSI), Phonics Chip KitTM

Supplemental Products for Upper Elementary

LXD Research and 95 Percent Group are currently recruiting research partners to evaluate the Multisyllable Routine Cards (MSRC), Elementary Comprehension, Teaching Blending®, and the 95 Phonics Skill SeriesTM during the 2022/2023 school year. Research comparing two years in a district in Maryland found that fourth and fifth graders using MSRC in 2021-2022 had higher gains than the previous year’s cohort. These gains were driven by students who were reading below grade level (see the image below, and click on the Evidence Packet for the study summary). Evidence packets for MSRC and Elementary Comprehension are displayed below and packets for the other products are also available upon request. Please contact 95 Percent Group to learn more.