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2021 Education Trends

Dr. Rachel Schechter shares her expert opinion in Moonshot Junior’s article: Expert Opinion: How Experiential Learning Can Improve Kid’s Learning

Article Introduction

The COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to a standstill, has not just changed the way in which students are educated but has also forced the EdTech sector to up its game. Technology in the classroom has consistently been an advantage to schooling, enabling personalized, mastery-based learning, saving time for teachers, and equipping students with the digital abilities that will be much needed in the 21st century. 

In light of the pandemic, thousands of schools, millions of teachers, and students had to switch to remote classes and adapt to it almost overnight. Fortunately, EdTech has made things easier, replacing traditional teaching methods for the better. By 2025, the e-learning market is estimated to rise to a valuation of $325 billion, showing its tremendously positive trend.

Expert Contribution

Dr. Rachel Schechter, Edtech Learning Sciences & Evaluation Expert, has over 10 years of experience in developing informal and formal educational programs. She helps teams incorporate learning sciences and leverage data-driven technology to accelerate student growth (and sales). 

With a Ph.D. in Child Development from Tufts University and M.Ed. in Arts Education from Harvard University, Rachel brings a unique perspective about how to support equity, diversity, inclusion while accelerating learning.

Rachel explained, “Educators, researchers, and administrators are particularly concerned about the mental well-being of their students and parents in light of the pandemic. This fall, schools will need to help students recover from lost learning time while still meeting their students’ social and emotional needs.

The next EdTech trend will try to meet these needs by integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) into academic programs. SEL involves skills that can be taught, practiced, and monitored over time. When examining products that include SEL, look for examples where learning moments integrate self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, social management, and responsible decision making (see for more information). 

Programs with A.I. and embedded SEL assessment will adaptively respond to students’ ever-changing needs. Research shows that adaptive learning increases the retention rates by 25% to 60%, by keeping students engaged for a longer duration.”