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LXD Research Services

In today’s landscape, credible research is becoming a vital marketing tool for access to most education leaders. LXD Research partners with educational product and service companies by improving their quality and quantity of research to show and verify the study’s rigor and impact on student learning so they ultimately gain more market credibility. 

The LXD Research Pathway

The LXD Research team partners with you to reach the next level of ESSA evidence.

LXD Research services contribute to education companies that are: 

  • Looking to show education and district leaders your company is genuinely research-based.
  • Wanting a third-party research expert to validate, refresh, and endorse past studies.
  • Seeking to overcome barriers caused by research requirements to gain more RFPs and sales conversations.
  • Looking to expand market share and differentiate by providing a variety of studies for different school district needs and situations.

The Accreditation Starter

Digital Promise & ESSA Documentation Packet

The Research Refresh

Third-Party Validation Services

The Credibility Booster

Look Back Efficacy Studies for ESSA Accreditation

The Market Differentiator

Real-Time Efficacy Studies for ESSA State Requirements