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Top-Tier ESSA Studies

The Market Differentiator

Following learning over time to measure the impact on student outcomes

What are Real-Time Efficacy Studies?

In today’s climate, districts rely on ESSA evidence requirements and approved lists when purchasing educational products. The primary motivation for the “Real-Time Efficacy Study” is to get on the Evidence for ESSA website and qualify for the What Works Clearinghouse review. These evaluators require researchers to design the study before the implementation begins for Level 1 (Strong) and Level 2 (Moderate). Real-Time Efficacy Studies assist education companies with getting on those approved state lists. A research presence on Evidence for ESSA is vital for helping education companies gain market differentiation, nationwide visibility, and sales momentum. 

Real-Time Efficacy Studies contribute to education companies that are… 

  • Seeking to get on the Evidence for ESSA website.
  • Building district partnerships that require this status to stay retained. 
  • Aiming for a dominant market share position for becoming an industry leader for student learning.
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Customer Impact: The Real-Time Efficacy Study

  • Secure your products are on coveted state lists, providing a competitive market differentiation.
  • Show districts compelling data stories that build momentum in marketing and sales.
  • Enhance teacher commitment and buy-in for classroom implementation.

Real-Time Efficacy Studies

​LXD Research is an industry leader, having more approvals by Evidence for ESSA and Digital Promise than any other research firm nationwide. The Real-Time Efficacy study can provide top-tier evidence for the ESSA requirements necessary to qualify for state-approved lists, creating a competitive advantage and, ultimately, more RFP approvals. A successful, rigorous study is a significant market differentiator upon approval, often leading to increased market share gains and quick growth by providing evidence on the impact of student learning and securing state lists.

We help you recruit partner districts to conduct rigorous ESSA studies using quasi-experimental or randomized control trial designs to measure and show learning outcomes. We assist in communicating findings in an easy-to-understand way, demonstrating your product’s evidence for impacting student learning in the format and style buyers and state evaluators expect. With the study, we also provide strategic support and consultation surrounding the key components for evaluating outcomes for various state and district ESSA requirements.

Our team uniquely walks you through every step of the decision-making process to ensure the study design considers the requirements of critical reviewers (Evidence for ESSA, What Works Clearinghouse, State Boards of Education, etc.). Evidence for ESSA, run by John Hopkins University, is the only national ESSA research list run by a nonprofit that is free to use and reviews every paper sent. When leaders ask if your product is “ESSA-Certified,” they often refer to this list.

The research activities include the collection and analysis of district-administered pre- and post-measures, as well as the development and implementation of admin interviews and educator surveys. We deliver a final report, an educator-friendly summary, and insights about the product to inform improvements.

These deliverables include the following components.

  • A research plan ensures the alignment of a solid foundational strategic plan that meets the criteria needed to accomplish your research goals.
  • Recruitment materials convey the value of the study for the district to enhance the probability of recruiting the right schools for your research.
  • Contractual documents establish agreements between the school, company, and researcher on what data will be collected and how and when.
  • Educator surveys bring the teachers’ (and students’) voices into the study. Their feedback and insights bring context to the storytelling and additional data points for decision-making for product development.
  • Admin/School leader interviews contribute toward understanding the big picture of what is happening at the district and school building and the factors impacting educator implementation and student outcomes.
  • Insight reports throughout the study include information about the study’s implementation and impact that can help support product development for future releases.
  • Data analysis includes the analysis of district-administered pre and post-measures to show the growth or impact quantitatively, using the metrics and visualizations that leaders expect.
  • Academic reporting provides the language, format, and outcome descriptions expected for a top-tier study.
  • Research Summary is an educator-friendly, co-branded executive summary that stands independently and is the opening to the academic report.

Site visits and focus groups, as are other research activities, are available upon request. Although there’s no guarantee of getting on state lists, we assist throughout the study so companies can make informed decisions when choices need to be made. Even when study findings don’t match expectations, our team will work with you to highlight successes to provide a competitive advantage to access school districts because most products are not this well-researched.

“LXD Research has provided us invaluable consultation surrounding research strategy, guiding the development of evidence-informed digital products, and communicating our evidence base to educators. Their team also partnered with districts to conduct rigorous ESSA studies that secured our products on coveted state lists. Their key insights and compelling data stories help build momentum in marketing and sales.”

— Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group

Two studies on the 95 Phonics Core Program are approved on Evidence for ESSA. Studies focus on grades K-2 and represent diverse student populations combined.

One study on the 95 Phonics Lesson Library is approved on Evidence for ESSA. This study focuses on first grade with a large MLL population.

Two studies on 95 Phonological Awareness Lessons are approved on Evidence for ESSA. These studies focus on kindergartners with a large MLL population.

One study on growelab is approved on Evidence for ESSA. This study focuses on middle schoolers’ outcomes in math and science. This Look Back Study turned into a Real-Time study, and the latest report is currently under review.

“Our Real-Time Efficacy Studies helped us gain the ability to be on those required state lists and participate in many more RFPs, giving us a competitive differentiation.

Amy Boza, 95 Percent Group

“​Our Real-Time Efficacy Studies helped us gain state-level partnerships where they are seeing the impact that educator support has on teacher retention, and student growth.”

Kammi Green, engage2learn