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ESSA Evidence Level 4

The Accreditation Starter

The ESSA Evidence Packet & Digital Promise Guidance

What is the ESSA Evidence Packet & Digital Promise Guidance?

The ESSA Evidence Packet and the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Certification support are our entry-level research services that demonstrate your company is truly research-based. The deliverables show preparation, knowledge, and credibility to district leaders, resulting in a greater reception from schools looking for third-party verification. Services are customized based on your research, goals, and vision. They may include logic models, research summaries, and application drafting support.

The Accreditation Starter contributes to education companies that are… 

  • Looking for an entry-level solution to show education and district leaders your company is genuinely research-based.
  • Seeking to overcome sales barriers and gain more conversations.
  • Wanting to stand out amidst the competition by adding academic materials and a well-respected accreditation.
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The Customer Impact: ESSA Evidence Packet & Digital Promise Guidance

  • Digital Promise certifications provide a market introduction from a credible, trusted nonprofit source and complimentary marketing to the League of Innovative Schools. Logos are also listed on the Digital Promise website.
  • The ESSA Evidence Packet and Digital Promise Certification give companies increased visibility and greater reception from schools; districts are more willing to converse with a company with these credentials.
  • The ESSA Evidence Packet communicates preparation, knowledge, and credibility to district leaders. 
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ESSA Evidence Packet

For those companies who want to show they are research-focused. The ESSA Packet provides a third-party LXD research stamp and the materials that complement your website and marketing claims by pre-answering buyers’ most common research questions. Third-party validation of ESSA Level 4 differentiates products and often allows companies to gain more conversations.

LXD Research’s ESSA Packet is a customer-facing, product-branded PDF with a logic model, research summary, and third-party ESSA seal that can be attached to any RFP request. The LXD Research ESSA Packet checks every box for ESSA Level 4 by the U.S. Department of Education guidance.

It includes: 

  • Co-branded cover page
  • Product overview
  • Research summaries provide an understanding of the customer problems, market gaps, and the risks and needs of product design.
  • Logic models visually explain the product’s purpose, strategy, and expected outcomes. 
  • Research letter or research study plan

Building on the ESSA IV documentation, we help you apply for the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Certification. This distinction gets your product listed and featured in LearnPlatform and EdSurge’s Product Index. Upon receipt, your product receives free marketing to a network of innovative schools through a credible, trusted nonprofit source. This accreditation will likely increase your visibility and improve reception from schools nationwide.

The Digital Promise Accreditation

Digital Promise is an entry-level gateway to demonstrating your company is genuinely a research-based company. Created to show your target market that research is important to your company, this certification adds impactful differentiation amidst competitors. Out of 5,000 companies, only 125 of them may have this accreditation across various product and service modalities. This third-party nonprofit seal of approval only highlights ed-tech companies that have integrated research into the design and function of their products. Having a Digital Promise certification in today’s landscape communicates your commitment to research. 

LXD Research Support & Guidance

Earning this certification requires creating an ESSA packet and submitting evidence providing deliverables that demonstrate your product’s alignment with the Science of Learning principles and the classroom utility of the product. LXD Research guides you through the process of gaining this Digital Promise accreditation.

Other Deliverables Include: 

1. Logic Model: The logic model serves as a tool to help educational leaders understand the relationships between different elements of the product and the intended short-term and long-term outcomes your product or service provides. Districts often request logic models to be included in RFPs.

2. Blog Post: This research-filled blog post complements the logic model as an educator-friendly narrative of how academic studies back up the design of the product features. Sections of the foundational research paper or lit review are reused. The article can be co-authored with Dr. Schechter if desired. This public-facing research narrative is a requirement for the application.

All featured Digital Promise certifications are promoted in a biannual newsletter as “researched-based products to look for.” This provides an introduction from a credible, trusted nonprofit source and free marketing to innovative schools. The value of the Digital Promise Certification includes increased market visibility and credibility. Companies gain greater reception and sales from schools; they are more willing to have a conversation with this certification.

Conference Game Changer

“We printed our ESSA evidence packet and put it in a report folder on the table at a recent conference. It was night and day with how leaders talked to us. When they saw our evidence with the Digital Promise Promise Certification and the ESSA Level 3 badge, I didn’t have to prove the credibility. We have seen a higher return on investment since we’ve been able show our LXD Research ESSA Evidence Packet.”

– Toni Shub, QoreInsights

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