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Study Validation for ESSA

The Research Refresh

Third-Party Study Validation

What are Third-Party Study Validations?

Research validation is becoming a widespread requirement in today’s education landscape. Research conducted before 2019 may not clearly indicate the ESSA level. The LXD Research validation studies serve as an endorsement to demonstrate the rigor and quality of previously conducted research. Having your past studies validated using the latest guidance from the US Department of Education will help to avoid roadblocks later in the sales cycle when districts request and await third-party ESSA evidence.

The Research Refresh contributes to education companies that are… 

  • Seeking a third-party research expert to analyze, refresh, and validate your current research.
  • Looking to bring relevancy to previously conducted research on student outcomes.
  • Responding to a requirement to have a third-party researcher validate in-house studies for customer acquisition purposes.

Customer Impact: The Third-Party Study Validation

  • Stand out from competitors—very few companies have third-party-verified endorsements.
  • Avoid roadblocks later in the sales cycle when districts request and await third-party-verified research.
  • Remove the barriers of current research requirements by helping your salespeople gain traction.
  • Increase trustworthiness with a third-party LXD research stamp of approval by showing the quality and rigor of your research.

Third-Party Study Validation

Validation confirms the accuracy of previously conducted studies’ interpretations of the impact on student learning outcomes. LXD Research can provide an expert, third-party review of previous research to clarify the study’s rigor and the ESSA alignment’s evidence level. A study review is a powerful endorsement and increases transparency and accessibility for non-academic consumers.

The review sections include: 

  • Study Summary
  • Product Description
  • Study Sample Usage and Description: Who was in the study, and how were they selected?
  • Research Questions and Methods: Includes Design description, tests used, and what implementation looked like
  • Research Findings: Q & A style description of the findings
  • Expert Questions & Recommendations: What did our expert notice about the study’s size, scope, or design?  What our experts suggest for the next study
  • What would have been needed for What Works Clearinghouse to have approved this study?

“LXD Research’s third-party validation has brought our past research to the forefront, making Slant System more relevant and respected. The  updated research review with the LXD Research emblem reinforces the efficacy of the Slant System, reinforcing its success and most importantly, student outcomes.

Beth Hatlen, Slant System®
get more math logo

“It can be a challenge because we want to have data showing that our product works. LXD Research understands what that means in the world of education and has guided us on what’s needed.The outcome for us was receiving that third-party validation on five of our studies showing ESSA Level 3 Promising, which has allowed us to revamp our website so that people could see a research foundation.

Chris Rachor, Get More Math

See the study validations at the end of the Get More Math ESSA Evidence Packet.

“The districts can now see how our products work in a school. They see the LXD Research badges and feel comfortable talking to us. It’s the same evidence we had before, but to have it written and endorsed helped us jump past that sales hurdle, where now we’re getting access to curriculum directors, heads of professional learning, and the next group of people because the validation study is way better than the infographic we made on Canva.” 

Toni Shub, Qore Insights

See the study validation at the end of the Classroom Education Plan ESSA Evidence Packet.

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