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LXD Research Supports Digital Promise Certification for Labster

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There are over 8,000 edtech products used in K-12 schools (LearnPlatform Top 40 Report, 2021) and fewer than 1% have earned the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification since 2020.

LXD Research recently supported Labster’s application and submission for the latest Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification, and we’re excited to share that our efforts have helped Labster officially earn this esteemed certification.

Labster is an evidence-based virtual reality simulation product inspired by the use of flight simulations during aviation training, and it has been rigorously tested and improved over time. The program has had over 21 peer-reviewed studies that show a positive benefit, with the largest benefits shown in knowledge building, enjoyment, and lab applications. 

Labster partnered with LXD Research for our team’s expertise in conducting and reporting rigorous evaluation studies of edtech products. The Digital Promise Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable resource for district and school administrators, educators, and families looking for evidence of edtech products that are based on research about learning, providing even more support in favor of Labster.

The LXD Research team is also excited to build on Labster’s research base in a continued partnership where our team will conduct studies over a longer timeframe (i.e., semester-long) to meet the rigor of K-12 ESSA evidence requirements that many schools need for science education material procurement. In K-12 education, using Labster’s simulations could lower the cost and time spent by instructors to prepare students for lab time. The virtual aspect of Labster also increases access to the practice materials (students can do it from home and as many times as they want) to improve equity in science education. The LXD Research team is looking forward to examining the longer-term impact of Labster’s innovative and accessible teaching tools in the K-12 classroom.

About Labster

Labster is dedicated to developing fully interactive virtual training simulations that are designed to enhance traditional learning outcomes by stimulating students’ natural curiosity and reinforcing the connection between science and the real world. The simulations can be used in a variety of different ways, from a full lab replacement to a supplemental learning activity. Over 5 million high school and university students have used Labster to perform realistic experiments, learn key science concepts, and practice their skills in a risk-free learning environment. Labster’s 350-plus team members from over 30 countries are passionate about improving science learning, resulting in collaborations with over 3,000 leading educational institutions. Visit

About LXD Research

LXD Research is an independent evaluation, research, and consulting division within Charles River Media Group, LLC focusing on educational technology. We design rigorous research studies, multifaceted data analytic reporting, and dynamic content to disseminate insights. Visit