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LXD Research is the most approved firm on Evidence for ESSA

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Congratulations to our founder, Dr. Rachel Schechter, and her co-authors, Dr. Paul Chase, Dr. Alicia Lynch, and Isabella Ilievski, for helping Learning Experience Design Research become the research firm with the most approved studies on the Evidence for ESSA1 website. LXD Research topped many other research firms, including WestEd, McRel International, SEG Measurement, AIR, Magnolia Consulting, and MDRC.

The product research clearinghouse is run by John Hopkins University’s Center for Research and Reform in Education, with financial support provided by the Anne E. Casey Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its protocols are similar to the US Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse, and they review all eligible research submitted by researchers around the country within just a few weeks.

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Recent rules for eligibility for Evidence for ESSA have changed. Companies can now tell customer success stories from the previous school year using rigorous research methods. Learn more here!

LXD Research has also supported many companies in their Digital Promise Research-Based Design Certifications to validate their ESSA Level 4 status. Out of the 15 products approved in the last 6 months, LXD Research supported 8 of them. This unique service includes the creation of a logic model, an educator-friendly blog post, and an administrator-facing packet that tells the story of a product’s research base.

Contact LXD Research to start building your research strategy and have the evidence you need to increase your market share.

  1. Two consultants cataloged and cross-checked every study for each reading product listed on, as of 9/26/2023. Government agencies were not included. If a study was published in an academic journal, that study was not counted as a research firm-published study. ↩︎