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Congrats to 95 Percent Group for their Digital Promise Certification

msrc earns DP certification

Multisyllable Routine Cards Certified by Digital Promise

With more than 8,000 edtech products in use throughout K-12 schools (LearnPlatform Top 40 Report, 2021), differentiating products claiming to be research-based from those who can demonstrate their methods is essential. Since 2020, fewer than 1% have earned the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification. This third-party nonprofit seal of approval highlights edtech companies that have integrated research into the design and function of their products.

Multisyllable Routine Cards (MSRC) are fun and easy-to-use routine cards that help teachers provide direct, explicit instruction on the six syllables.  Recently, 95 Percent Group, LLC applied for their Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification with the support and expertise of LXD Research behind them. We are mutually delighted to confirm that MSRC has earned its certification! We congratulate 95 Percent Group, their team, and our LXD contributors whose efforts combined to achieve this milestone.

95 Percent Group sought LXD Research because of our team’s experience and rich perspectives on conducting an empirical evaluation of literacy products. Earning this certification required submitting evidence demonstrating an alignment between the Science of Learning and principles integral to the design and classroom utility of MSRC. Supporting research proved the importance of harnessing quick, targeted, and activity-based advanced phonics instruction and practice. An additional requirement of the certification process was ensuring that MSRC’s research artifacts were published in a way that was easily accessible to the public.

The team at LXD Research offers expert insight to companies looking to reshape data into case studies, blog articles, and logic models that speak to teachers, school leaders, and parents alike. Demonstrate that your EdTech product was designed with research, student growth, and student engagement in mind by contacting LXD Research for a consultation. We look forward to working with you to change education!

This certification compliments the ESSA Level 3 Efficacy Study conducted on MSRC. Review the full ESSA Evidence Packet below.