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Podcast Partnership

Dr. Rachel Schechter, the founder of LXD Research, has partnered with author, blogger, and educator Nate Joseph (Nathaniel Hansford of Pedagogy Non-Grata) to converse about timely and relevant topics related to the “Science of Reading” and educational research. Click here for this week’s episode.

The first episode co-hosted by these research-obsessed friends focuses on Mark Seidenberg’s article About the Science in the “Science of Reading”. His Reading Matters blog post explains the confusion around what the research actually says vs. how the movement of the Science of Reading has impacted teachers’ understanding of how to apply research to practice. Rachel and Nate walk through each of Seidenberg’s points around 1. the demand for change, 2. the barrier of how difficult it is to actually apply research to practice in a systematic and scaled way, and 3. how the widely used starting points for learning about the “Science of Reading” are great but not enough.

Resources Rachel mentions in the conversation are listed below.

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Would you rather listen to us while you walk or wash dishes? The audio-only option is available on the Pedagogy Non-Grata Podcast.