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Congrats to Handwriting Heroes for their Digital Promise Certification

congrats handwriting heroes

With thousands of edtech products in use throughout K-12 schools, differentiating products claiming to be research-based from those who can demonstrate their methods is important. Since 2020, fewer than 1% have earned the Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification, and only a fraction of the top 2022 products have this ESSA Level 4 designation. This third-party nonprofit seal of approval highlights edtech companies that have integrated research into the design and function of their products.

With the support of LXD Research, Handwriting Heroes, a product designed to increase letter formation mastery in pre-k through second-grade students, recently applied for their Digital Promise Research-Based Design Product Certification. We are thrilled to announce that our mutual efforts have earned Handwriting Heroes their certification. LXD Research is thrilled to congratulate Handwriting Heroes on this milestone.

Handwriting Heroes partnered with LXD Research to capitalize on our team’s expertise in conducting and reporting rigorous evaluation studies of media-enhanced literacy products. Earning this certification required submitting evidence demonstrating the alignment between the resources provided by Handwriting Heroes and methods taught in Science of Reading training for educators (summarized in this co-authored blog). A case study and their evidence provided qualitative context to the growth one teacher saw after using this product with two different classes. LXD Research provided an ESSA Evidence Packet to share the research and evidence with prospective clients easily.

The team at LXD Research offers expert support to companies looking to reshape data into case studies, blog articles, and logic models that speak to teachers, school leaders, and parents alike. Prove that your edtech product was designed with research, student growth, and customized skill growth in mind by reaching out to LXD Research for a consultation. We look forward to posting about your success story next!