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ESSA Research & Consulting Services

ESSA Evidence

LXD Research has produced research that has gotten multiple products listed on the Evidence for ESSA website and approved by critical state-level evaluators. See those studies and other research reports below.

ESSA Research Documentation

Documenting academic research to inform product design is the first step for establishing your product’s research foundation. We customize our documentation services to meet your company’s needs for product creation or evidence-building for established products. Documentation provides credibility for the critical lens and includes logic models, research summaries, RFPs, and Digital Promise Certifications. Click on the front pages to see how each company posted their packet on their website.

ESSA Research Validation

LXD Research can provide an expert, third-party review of previously conducted research to clarify its ESSA alignment and refresh older research. A full study review increases transparency and accessibility for academic and non-academic consumers. Click on the image below to review an example and each document section.

  • Study Summary
  • Product Description
  • Study Sample Usage and Description: Who was in the study, and how were they selected?
  • Research Questions and Methods: Includes Design description, tests used, and what implementation looked like
  • Research Findings: Q & A style description of the findings
  • Expert Questions & Recommendations: What did our expert notice about the study’s size, scope, or design? What our experts suggest for the next study
  • What would have been needed for What Works Clearinghouse to have approved this study?

ESSA-Aligned Efficacy Studies

We partner with districts to conduct rigorous ESSA studies to measure and show learning outcomes, increasing the probability for education companies to secure coveted state lists for ESSA Levels 1-3. We also provide consultation surrounding research strategy, guiding the development of evidence-informed digital products, and communicating the evidence to educators in a transparent and accessible way.

“Real Time” or a “Look Back” Study to Measure Impact on Learning

  • ESSA Alignment: Tier I, II, or III, depending on study design rigor
  • LXD Research studies may be designed as quasi-experimental design studies or randomized control trials. LXD Research guides recruitment with public schools and discusses the design of the study to consider how the final product will meet the requirements of critical reviewers (Evidence for ESSA, What Works Clearinghouse, State Boards of Education, etc.).
  • Research Activities: Collection and analysis of district-administered pre- and post-measures and development and execution of admin interviews and educator surveys. Site visits and focus groups are available, as are other research activities, for an additional fee.
  • Deliverables: Final report plus an educator-friendly summary. Insights for product development are also shared to inform improvements.

Client Feature: 95 Percent Group

LXD Research has researched 95 Percent Group’s supplemental and intervention products. We have produced short videos, research briefs, ESSA Evidence Packets, and over a dozen efficacy studies as part of this work. The images and links below present a range of services LXD Research offers.

  • “Real-time” efficacy studies that use random assignment (ESSA Level 1, Strong)
  • “Lookback on Learning” or real-time efficacy studies that match and compare students who used the program to those who have not (ESSA Level 2)
  • “Before and After” research studies show how students perform on assessments after using products or show how more use leads to higher gains (ESSA Level 3)
K-1 paper brief

Services Feature: Professional Learning Efficacy Studies